This website is a visual history of tableware patterns made by the British company Johnson Brothers for export to the United States.
From the mid-1880s to the mid-1970s, Johnson Brothers was a leading maker of decorated plates purchased in North America.
Their designs reflected the cultural values of each generation, from the Gilded Age to the Age of Aquarius and beyond.
The patterns are organized by time periods and topics: Old World Style for the New World (1880-1914), Allies in War and Trade (1914-1939), American History (The British Version) (1900-1939), Commemoratives and Souvenirs (1925-1970), Prosperity and Nostalgia (1950-1975), and Modern Style, New Traditions (1965-2000).  Each image gives the pattern name and the date when it was introduced.  Click on the image to see a larger version, and you can scroll backwards or forwards through the enlarged images.  To find a specific Johnson Brothers pattern by name, see the Pattern Index, which lists all patterns in the website and the section where you will find it.

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